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everyone has the potential to do amazing things


we can become better versions of ourselves and better teammates to each other every single day


together we can make the world a better place


everyone wants to be a part of something special


in YOU

The mission of Philadelphia Symmetry is to develop Elite Synchronized Skating Teams in the Philadelphia area. By empowering our athletes as individuals and valued members of their respective teams, we strive to make them better versions of themselves and better teammates to each other every single day. Through self-awareness and empowerment training they are taught the power of perspective and the importance of individual responsibilities in achieving team goals. Philadelphia Symmetry strives to build a community where everyone is able to be a part of something special.

Celebrating 14 Years with our 2017-2018 Season!

What our families are saying:

We are lucky to have found such a healthy and rewarding activity for our daughter. Philadelphia Symmetry has helped shape the strong, confident young woman she is today. It has provided structure and discipline beyond what parenting can provide. -- Lisa, mom of Maida, 13 years old
As she stands before me, I see fortitude, diligence, confidence poise and grace - character traits I have watched develop, equipped to succeed thanks in part to participating in the sport she loves best, skating with Philadelphia Symmetry. -- Lisa, mom of Sofia, 17 years old
Symmetry is all about teamwork, passion, striving to be the best you can be, and the joy of skating. My daughter is building her confidence, working hard, learning to be there for her teammates, and having a lot of fun! -- Janet, mom to Lucy, 10 years old
Being a skater for Symmetry is helping our daughter develop a foundation of confidence, self care, thoughtful partnership, investment in others, work ethic, and to push herself just 1% more every single time. -- Christine, mom to Grace, 13 years old
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Philadelphia Symmetry is a 501c3